Intelligent Lighting


Neev offers intelligent lighting solutions backed by its proprietary Intellivolt technology. Its smart street lighting system is customised, automated, easier to monitor and offers enhanced energy efficiency over a standard LED lighting solution.

Control of Lights

Neev’s smart street light control system boasts of a management platform that enables streamlined, location specific and automated control of lights. The street lights can be controlled by the user as a single entity or as a group of lights. The lights can be switched on and off and dimmed, manually as well as by scheduling the same. The usage is managed based on the site conditions and day-to-day conditions of traffic, weather and time of the day.


The intelligent street lighting solution ensures optimal usage of the lights to further enhance energy efficiency over a standard LED street light.

Real-time operations and maintenance

Neev’s smart lighting system is backed by an efficient user interface, which allows any authorised administrator to view the installation sites on a real time basis. The information on all assets is fed into the system which can be easily accessed and continuously monitored.


The real time visuals via Google Maps enable the user to spot, review system faults, if any, and ensure immediate location specific action.

Intelligent Lighting control of lights
Monitoring of the lighting infrastructure

The intelligent street lighting systems can be constantly monitored on all vital power parameters with Neev’s technology. Data on kilowatt hour, kilovolt, ampere reactive, power factor, total harmonic distortion, etc. can be accumulated and retrieved, over specific intervals or in entirety.


The system can identify possible deviance in power such as pilferage, grid shutdown, and even electricity theft or tampering. Aberrance from the set floor and ceiling limits for power, voltage and current can set off immediate alerts and enable prompt action.