Neev’s seamless network of lights and collaboration with technology partners enable transformation to future-ready, technology driven and sustainable cities. Driven by Neev’s proprietary Intellivolt technology, the smart solutions for smart cities ensure safer, cleaner, better planned cities anchored in an energy efficient ecosystem.

Enables Safety
Smart street lights ensuring adequate lighting and equipped with technology for regular city surveillance provide for safer cities.
Saves Energy
Intelligent lighting systems allow optimal use of street lights as per time, weather and traffic conditions.
Improves Mobility
Neev’s traffic management and enforcement solution prevents congestions and facilitates mobility.
Facilitates Sanitation
Neev sets the base for cleaner cities, as its intelligent sensors can notify the waste levels timely, making its management efficient and streamlined.
Monitors Environment
Unique sensors on street lights can accumulate critical information on level of air pollutants and relay data to activate location specific action.
Provides Convenience
Neev’s ubiquitous network can help exchange and monitor information so that residents and local bodies have the power to create a convenient lifestyle for and around them.
Improves Aesthetics
Cities are more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing with Neev’s smart design street lights and solutions which ensure cleaner, better planned spaces.
Ensures future-readiness
Neev’s network lays the foundation of smart, futuristic cities backed by innovative and intelligent technology intervention.


Neev’s expertise in smart lighting with advanced technology solutions has ensured successful long- and short-term projects in India and other countries. Neev offers customized lighting solutions for projects ranging from smart city lighting solutions, intelligent street lighting, industrial and specialized lighting, sports lighting and energy efficient financial solutions. The wide product range, design expertise, in-house technical and manufacturing capability and technology enabled infrastructure services enables efficient management of large-scale projects.


Neev helps its clients adopt innovative lighting solutions by engaging with them and understanding their requirements. Neev has worked with state governments, public sector undertakings, esteemed institutions and multinational corporations across sectors, in India and internationally. Neev’s associations have been strongly rooted in trust, credibility and its proven capability to offer customized, innovative and strategic solutions in the field of intelligent lighting, adapted to specific client needs.