Neev’s expertise in design and LED revolution in India

Neev’s expertise in design and LED revolution in India

Excerpts from the interview are also presented below:

Neev Energy was founded with an endeavour to introduce a technology which would revolutionise our future. The enterprising spirit of Neev Energy has proliferated the LED revolution in India. It has fast become a reputed name in the field of LED lighting.
India is a diverse market with a pressing need to conserve energy. Both the government and the private sector have identified LED lighting as a way to reduce power requirement.

In the interview with Mr. Jitendra Guha shares Neev profile, products and manufacturing potential.

1. Tell us about Neev foundation and marketing and brand success since its inception?
Neev Energy designs and manufactures LED light fixtures and as a matter of choice we have stayed away from any other lighting technology. Neev Energy became operational in mid-2012. That was the time when LED was a new concept and people were not familiar with the technology yet. Ever since our inception, we have done some ground breaking work in the kind of lighting projects we have executed. Our brand name is associated with blue chip customers both in the government and private sectors.

2. Tell us about your products and solutions?
Our core products comprise of high value engineered products that are packaged with intelligent solutions to monitor energy and control lighting. E.g. we have developed an unique cost effective product for replacing any existing conventional lighting with LED without having to replace the false ceiling. We have developed a high powered LED light which can replace a 1000W conventional HID light. These are some examples of products we have besides the regular LED down lights, street lights and tube lights. It is our vision to focus on developing highly engineered products and solutions for varied applications.

3.How do your products differ with others?
The philosophy behind our products is to make simple and practical innovative LED lighting solutions. We focus on our products delivering superior functional performance while keeping the costs reasonable thereby offering high value to our customers. E.g. our luminaire efficacy has crossed 100 lumens per watt for some of our luminaires and we have done that while keeping our costs reasonable. We have developed smart differentiating factors in existing products that give better value to the customer.

4.What are your manufacturing strengths?
Our manufacturing strength lies in its stringent adherence to quality assurance process. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization by BSI (Bristish Standards Institution) which enables us to conform to the highest international quality standards. Quality is in our culture and we would like to improve in everything we do, be it in our manufacturing or otherwise. We believe that is what results in differentiated high quality products that stand the test of time.

5.Do you think, ‘Make in India’ initiative by Government will promote the industry in India?
Of course it will. But the government has to take some radical measures to encourage made in India LED products. A lot of the market is still imported products and the government has to implement a structural change to enable the entire LED ecosystem to flourish.

6.What are your key considerations for reducing the cost of LED Lighting products?
The cost of LED products have fallen substantially over the course of the last few years and it is expected to go down further. So, both macro and micro economic factors are in play to reduce the cost of the LED products. As mentioned above, we have an eye on the cost while developing products. Although we deliver superior functional performance, we do a good balancing act with cost on the other side.

7.What are the challenges you are finding in this industry as a manufacturer?
We have carved our own path for growth keeping our strengths in mind. However, like any other player in the market, cost of capital remains the ultimate bone of contention for all growth oriented companies.