Smart City Revolution starts with Smart Street Lights

Smart City Revolution starts with Smart Street Lights

Driven by technology that seamlessly connects them, street lighting is leading the smart city revolution to give us safer, cleaner, better planned and energy efficient cities.

It isn’t often that one would look at street lighting as something more than just a source to illuminate the roads. However, backed by smart technology, street lights are actually leading innovations for smart and sustainable cities.

Smart LED street lights connected to each other across a cityscape, can create a wireless network coverage which serves as the foundation for cities to develop and offer smart services. The benefits of this technology for the cities are tremendous. From enhancing energy efficiency, to traffic management and enforcement, to enabling better sanitation, to even detecting air pollutants, the possibilities are unlimited.

It isn’t a surprise that world over, conventional street lights are being converted to LED lights to save energy and lower maintenance costs. Making the LED Street lights smarter leads to greater energy efficiency, minimal operating costs and offers a centralised control to manage lighting intensities for optimal usage. The technology solution which enhances these intrinsic benefits of LED street lights, also proves to be an anchor for multiple other benefits and services, thus becoming critical.

Neev has been one of the pioneers in this technology, in India as well as globally. Neev’s proprietary technology solution – Intellivolt, creates a seamless wireless platform through connected street lights. Each street light is equipped with Neev’s Long Range Radio (LoRa) Light Control Unit which communicates with a cloud platform via these LoRa signals. With smart deployment of devices and software control systems, this technology provides centralized automation and real time monitoring advantages.

Neev is currently creating a wireless network coverage exceeding 200 sq kms. It boasts of an integrated approach with technology development, design, manufacturing capability and efficient service delivery, which not many can offer. With its expertise, Neev has also undertaken one of the biggest and most advanced smart street lighting projects in India and one of the few of its kind in the world.This technology innovation is disruptive and ideal for integrating a variety of IoT applications in an ever evolving urban landscape. The future of lights, is here.