Neev Energy lighting up ‘dark spots’; contributing towards Women Safety in Delhi

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Neev Energy lighting up ‘dark spots’; contributing towards Women Safety in Delhi

In a move that’s likely to significantly contribute in making Delhi safer for women, Delhi Government has started installation of 2.1 lakh (210,000) LED streetlights across the National Capital. This will help eliminate ‘dark spots’ in the city, thereby enhancing safety for women in particular.

delhi project neev energyA major problem that exists is that of dark and dimly lit spots in the city. Dark stretches of roads, lack of transit options and poorly maintained footpaths continue to keep a large part of Delhi unsafe for women, resulting in low female presence in the city’s public spaces after sunset, a Delhi government-commissioned audit has found.

The audit was conducted by ‘SafetiPin’ – a reputed NGO working on the safety and security of women. The Safetipin Survey covered the entire city including streets, transport hubs, markets, public toilets, parks, and other public spaces, gave a rating of 2.5 out of 5 (average) to Delhi. While lighting and public transport were rated average, visibility was rated poor, making it the least rated parameter in terms of physical infrastructure.

delhi lighting projectThese dark spots have already been identified, where street lights are necessary. Neev Energy is a proud partner in this project and is implementing its advanced street lighting solutions as part of the project. These street lights will be remotely controlled with a cloud-based sensor – automatically turn on when it is dark and will stop when the sun rises in the morning.

By the end of January, 50,000 new street lights will be installed across Delhi, while the entire project will be completed within four months.

We are extremely pleased with our own little contribution in making Delhi secure and safe for women.